RFW Folding Wall With Height 185cm

  • Opaque yet transluscent plexiglas
  • Folds up to save space.
  • Fast and efficient utilisation.
  • Range of heights available.
  • 360 Degree Leaf Hinges.

Capricorn Ropimex Folding Wall System RFW from 90-300cm. Manufacture with anodised aluminium and scratch proof plexiglas. Disinfectant resistant and fire retardant. Contact Capricorn Contracts 0121 772 5370.

RFW Folding Wall With Height 185cm
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The Ropimex Folding Wall is known for its elegant and attractive design, this folding wall protects your patients' privacy.It can be used flexibly as a screen, or partition in a hospita,l or care facility. This robust and impact resistant folding wall can be brought into postion swiftly and just as quickly returned to its storage position on the wall.

The number of leaf sections ca be extended at a later date if required. The panel material is opaque yet translucent and with its hig-quality aluminium profile frame, the atmosphere it creates is both bright and friendly. The folding wall can be customised with your own individual leaf design which can even be changed if desired.