RTSC Ropimex Telescopic Arms - Coloured, Swivelling

  • Telescopic arm can be quickly and easily removed and placed into another wall holder.
  • High Quality Glass-Fibre Reinforced Synthetic Materials.
  • Easy to Clean & Disinfect.

Ropimex RTS Telescopic Arms (Coloured Arm) as supplied by Capricorn Contracts +44(0)121 772 5370.

RTSC Ropimex Telescopic Arms - Coloured, Swivelling
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This innovative system allows for a totally flexible patient experience by providing a screening system which is only there when it is needed. Following use of the screen, simply push together and turn towards the wall. Your room is then restored to its usual appearance. Ropimex? products mostly consist of anodised aluminium, high-quality glass-fibre reinforced synthetic materials, and stainless steel. Easy to clean and disinfect. A 'WH' Wall Holder is included with this system. If Wall Holder is not required please specify. Suitable with WH95, WH, WH/LA.