Security Products

Security Products

Capricorn supply a comprehensive range of physical security products including security shutters, window shutters & retractable gates to offer more effective protection for business and home security.

Today, more than ever before, we need physical security at home and work to protect against vandalism, burglary or just for privacy and peace of mind.

Increasingly, existing buildings are having security upgraded and new buildings are being designed to incorporate security. Security shutters, retractable gates and removable window bars meet many of these threats to property and person.

The emphasis behind our range of shutter and gate designs is on integration into your building and way of life; unobtrusive, attractive and easy to use. Not bolted on as an afterthought but designed, manufactured and installed to complement the building and ensure they are effective and secure in daily use.

Capricorn® security products are available nationwide, with experienced installation and service teams providing an unrivalled level of support.