Cubicle/Hospital Curtain Tracks

The UK’s #1 for Hospital Cubicle Tracks

Capricorn are specialist Hospital Cubicle Track suppliers and installers and are familiar with all systems commonly found in the UK.

Our preferred system is the Movatrack cubicle track systems which are in use in many hospitals throughout the world, including major London hospitals. Movatrack is now firmly established as a leading brand of cubicle track, due to its unique blend of properties - innovative design, practical effectiveness, and rugged reliability. For more information please follow links to the right.

However, we understand that there are many other cubicle curtain track systems are already in place across the UK and therefore are also able to supply most alternative systems. If you are unsure of which system to select, or if you are unsure which system is currently in place, the information in this section should be invaluable.

NOW ORDER ONLINE! To speed up the delivery of cubicle track for our customers you can now purchase custom made cubicle track online and we also have developed a stock range of products for time critical requirements.

Please contact our customer services either by email or on +44(0)121 772 5370 if you wish to discuss your cubicle track enquiry in further detail.