PrismaReflect is the new, unique shading product that provides effective protection against the solar light and heat gain, but lets in plenty of natural light for pleasant comfortable interiors.

PrismaReflect™ brings energy efficiency and a comfortable, naturally lit interior. The clear, acrylic panel reflects up to 95% of heat and up to 90% of direct sunlight, while allowing diffused light to enter and light an interior space. Despite constant exposure to the intense heat from direct sunlight, PrismaReflect™ remains cool to the touch by absorbing only 2-3% of the heat.

Thanks to the exceptional PRISMA REFLECT prism technology, direct sunlight is almost completely reflected - while diffused natural light is allowed to penetrate into the building. This creates comfortable, attractive working and living conditions, and reduces costs for air conditioning and lighting.

The surface of the PRISMA REFLECT blinds comprises high-precision linear prisms set at a 90° angle. When the blinds are turned toward the sun, these prisms cause the total reflection of direct sunlight. At the same time, diffused light passes through the blinds almost unimpeded. So rooms enjoy a natural lighting, as well as protection against glare and solar heat. The blinds themselves remain cool, even in direct sunlight

To ensure Prisma Reflect solar protection operates effectively for many years, particular attention was paid to selecting the right high-quality headrail system. For electric headrail systems, controls and motors are sourced from leading manufacturers.