Curtain Tracks

Curtain Tracks

The Capricorn® range of curtain tracks is one or the most comprehensive available. There is a Capricorn® track for almost every application, from the lightest of net tracks to heavy-duty corded or motorised tracks for large or heavy curtains.

The window tracks shown here are each designed to be strong, reliable, and to give years of trouble-free use. The range comprises many different track profiles, all manufactured from aluminium with highgrade plastic components, and complete with a choice of sturdy and unobtrusive brackets.

Hand drawn, curtain tracks, as well as being economical and simple to operate, are often the preferred option in public areas where many different persons may draw the curtains.

Capricorn® cord drawn curtain tracks are widely specified where a touch of luxury is required, or where ease of use is a primary consideration. Their smooth, quiet operation and elegant appearance make them at home in the most demanding environments.

Capricorn® electric tracks represent the ultimate in curtain control. Not only do they lend support to an ambience of success and luxury, they are also eminently practical. At the touch of a button they will glide into action, smoothly, quietly, and with an effortless power that ensures lasting satisfaction. A large range of control systems is available, from a simple wall switch to radio remote handsets, or even complete integration into intelligent building control

When specifying window curtain tracks, window size, curtain weight, usage intensity, fixing requirements and aesthetics should all be assessed, allowing the most appropriate track to be selected.

The details on these product pages will enable the specifier to make informed decisions with reference to these requirements, thus ensuring that Capricorn® window curtain tracks will give optimum performance and lasting satisfaction

Capricorn® window curtain tracks are available nationwide with experienced installation and service teams providing an unrivalled level of support.