FG95 Mobile Cubicle Screen (Straight)

  • Total control and flexbility of privacy.
  • Corrosion-proof.
  • Disinfectable.
  • Quick Assembly / Dis-assembly.
  • Lightweight.

Capricorn Ropimex Mobile Screen System FG95 (165cm height / 60cm depth / 40cm width). Supplied by Capricorn Contracts +44(0)121 772 5370 with 4 rollers each with a diameter of 100mm, 2 of which can be locked in position diagonally. Aluminium anodised, glass-fibre reinforced polyamide.

165cm Height / 60cm Depth / 40cm Width
FG95 Mobile Cubicle Screen (Straight)
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The Ropimex Mobile Screen 95 is ready for use in a few seconds and quickly returns to the park position.

Its ease of motion, minimum weight, and high stability, guarantee simplified use. The mobile screen equipped with one or two telescopic arms is ideal for mobile screening, e.g, for patient accommodation in corridors, in multi-bed room, in the A&E / Emergency Departments, or on the gynaecology seat.