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Movagate - Ultimate solution for Hoists
Posted: 27 November 2013

As the leading cubicle/privacy track system in the UK, the core focus of the global Movatrack® cubicle track is dedicated to offering more than just a curtain track to the healthcare industry. It was becoming increasingly apparent that there were continuing confliction issues between ceiling mounted patient handling systems and suspended cubicle track. The difficult decision faced by architects and trusts alike was to disregard the patient privacy to enable them to have the required freedom of movement. For instance where there were simple requirements such as the need to move a patient from one bed to another by the means of a overhead tracking system, this was often prohibited due to the cubicle tracking requirements to provide the required Patient privacy.

This Is How We Measure!

Posted: 29 November 2012

All of our engineers are equipped with Hilti Laser Measuring Devices accurate to +/- 2mm and capable of measuring up to 70m!

Accurate measurements mean the perfect fit for your Capricorn Blinds & Tracks.

The Energy Effects of Controlling Solar Shading

Posted: 18 July 2012

This paper examines the energy and thermal comfort implications of installing solar shading, including automatically controlled shading.

Analysis of an air conditioned office suggests that in Enlgand shading can result in significant reduction on CO2 emissions and energy cost. Additional saving can be obtained by installing automatic control of shading

Library of Birmingham FlyThrough Video

Posted: 09 July 2012

A computer generated video tour of the Library of Birmingham by architects Mecanoo.

PrismaReflect Overview

Posted: 23 January 2012

This video shows the unique PrismaReflect Transparent Shading which gives similar shading efficiency results to the most effective blind fabrics will still allowing around 90% of natural diffused light to enter the room giving the all of the benefits that natural light can bring.

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